About Us

Tualang Honey Sg brings you premium quality wild jungle Tualang honey from the tropical rainforest of Asia, reputed to be world’s oldest rainforest. Our Tualang honey are harvested wildly from the world’s largest honey bees, Apis Dorsata. This wild giant honey bees feed on exotic multiflora of known and unknown species, which contain high medicinal and nutritional properties found deep inside the tropical rainforests.

To retain the highly-treasured medicinal properties of wild jungle honey, the Tualang honey are 100% cold-pressed extracted or left to drip fresh from its honeycombs during harvesting, resulting in high quality pure wild jungle honey which are unpasteurized and unadulterated with no sugar or other sweeteners and preservatives added.

Our premium quality honey bee products also include various varieties of raw honey such as raw Yemini Hadramaut sidr honey (Lote Tree Honey), raw stingless bee honey (Kelulut) as well as raw honey mixes with specially selected medicinal herbs like ginseng, saffron, black seed (Nigella Sativa/Habbatus Sauda), maca, ajwa dates, tribulus terrestris, butea superba (Tongkat Ali), apple/pomegranate cider vinegar and cinnamon. We sell raw Brazilian green propolis, raw royal jelly and black seed virgin oil (Cold-pressed).

Our honey are valued highly due its special selection and limited supply during harvesting season. The exquisite taste and aroma of our honey range will leave you bedazzled and in wonderment of nature’s treasures.

The price range of our honeys are value for money and are aimed at enabling as many people to enjoy the superior health benefits of wild jungle honey. Our honeys are laboratory tested to confirm that they are 100% genuine and unadulterated honey with no added sweeteners or preservatives.

See me, Idah in the white protective bee gear during my expedition with the Tualang honey gatherers in rainforests of Sumatra in Oct 2016 via my Facebook and Youtube channel at Tualang Honey Sg. As we know, honey business is a business of trust. I personally went to the village and hiked together with Tualang honey hunters/gatherers to learn first hand how they harvest the highly medicinal Tualang honey in the rainforests. Amazing!

*** Some of our products’ availability are based on limited supply and while stocks last. Please call or message to enquire.

We are the sole and only authorized distributor for Tualang honey (MaduTayyibah/TYB/ SifuBee/Tualang Honey Sg) in Singapore. You are strongly encouraged not to purchase Tualang honey from unauthorized sources as they may not be genuine Tualang honey.