“Thanks for introducing the Tualang range of honey. I’ve been giving my kids all sorts of vitamins but now I’ve decided to go natural & feed them the IQ honey. As for me, I’ve tried all, but the best for me so far is the X-Trim. It gets my aging body energised. Even my white hair is slowly turning black, something that got me surprised. We are happy with its benefits & the kids like it too. I have since recommended to my extended family & friends & would definitely recommended to others who are willing to try”.

Sri Marwi

“Honeycomb tualang honey.You could almost ‘taste’ the jungle in the smooth and intense flavours with noted of fern, wild flowers and hints of herbs.The Sidr honey makes you smile and want to lick the spoon over and over again.”

Mummy Masayu

“Last night, I woke up with a scratchy and itchy throat and I could feel the allergens in my nose. So, I decided to try my newly-bought Tualang Honey, a natural honey made by bees from the nectar of wildflowers in the Malaysian jungle.

A mixture of bitter, sweet, sour and a host of myriad flavours that I could not describe. A spoonful of the honey made me choke a bit. I coughed, spluttered and I had difficulty breathing. Oh no, a systemic allergic reaction? Within a moment, I was back to normal and miraculously, my itchy scratchy throat went back to normal too.

Thank you Tualang Honey for introducing me to this cure.”

Nur Hafiza Kemat
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